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Certified Backflow

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What is a certified backflow test?

What is a certified backflow test? Backflow is when contaminated water, in your plumbing, reversed direction flowing backwards, “backflow”, towards your clean water source. Pressure changes can happen easy. So a this plumbing device prevents backflow from happening to you. It is called a backflow preventer. If toxic water got into your clean water it can hurt you. A CERTIFIED BACKFLOW TEST is backflow testing performed by a plumbing professional who is continuously trained and certified to do backflow testing and backflow inspections. Having a certified backflow test makes sure your backflow preventer plumbing is working properly for you. Always test your backflow preventer for your own water safety. Call 1-866-590-2084 to get your plumbing backflow testing.

Backflow testing can test if your plumbing or backflow preventer is allowing contamination to backflow in your plumbing. A backflow preventer leak or change in pressure can happen at a backflow preventer “cross connection”, which is located between the clean and dirty water plumbing pipe lines. The most common reason a backflow stops working is because a change in pressure happened. Backflow pressure changes can happen from either back pressure or back siphonage. For example, pressure may have changed because of a leaking pipe, a burst pipe, or burst water main. The pressure change can then allow hazardous materials, such as human waste and chemicals, to flow backwards, into your clean water. Backflow testing happens to make sure your backflow preventer is not leaking, and is safely operating. 

What is a backflow preventer?

What is a backflow preventer? A backflow preventer is a safety device that can be installed and prevents the backflow of toxic dirty water from flowing back into your clean water. A backflow preventer can be a life saver. When changes in water pressure happen the back flow prevention device will stop hazardous water from back flowing into your clean water supply. Over time all things break, including the backflow preventer. When a backflow does fail, if it allowed hazardous material, or feces, or chemicals, into you clean water lines, it can be catastrophic and harmful. This is why backflow preventers must have a “backflow test”, by a certified backflow testing company, to make sure your backflow prevention is working, and to make sure your clean water lines do not have toxic materials going into them.

What is a backflow testing?

What is backflow testing? Backflow testing is the process of having your “backflow test” performed, by a certified backflow testing company, or plumbing service (plumber) that is certified, and they complete a formal certified backflow test. Certified backflow testing plumbers and services in most states have to attend serious classes and repeat continuing education type classes to remain certified backflow testers. They have have special plumbing looking equipment that connects to your backflow plumbing system. The backflow testing equipment can tell if your backflow preventer is working or not working pretty fast. Then, you can also know if you should be concerned if any toxic wastewater back flowed into your clean line, or how to repair backflow preventer. 

Certified Backflow tester near me?

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